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2014-07-12 12:35:52 by crusherxt

Back in business with over 50 beats to upload, itll just take a minute. enjoy!!


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2014-07-12 12:58:48

I shall review dem beats, yo.

crusherxt responds:

thanks yo, we need more people like u. im one to take criticism and move forward with it. keep it fresh!


2014-07-12 13:12:29

I'm sorry if I was a bit critical of your work. I overall liked everything you made. But I point out flaws and problems for not only your improvement, but mine. We are on a journey.. A journey to make better and better music. I hope I helped you go down your path..

Have a nice day.

crusherxt responds:

ur completly fine, artists need people like u. if we havent they wouldnt know what to change improve or try. thanks i am grateful there will be more to come!!

take it easy